At McKenzie we specialize in Design, Building, and Custom Architectural Fabrication. In-house expertise in these three major categories of the construction industry gives us a unique insight and foresight into the construction process resulting in a holistic project plan from the outset. This allows us to implement a clear action plan while maintaining a communicative proactive approach.  

We recognize the importance of assessing any possible roadblocks that may occur throughout the Design-Build-Craft cycle through the implementation of cross-disciplinary problem-solving techniques. We Value Engineer in the very early stages of the Design-Build process and our Craft division offers industry-leading cost engineering from the very beginning. 

Whether you enlist one or all of our signature services, our goal here at McKenzie is to ensure that you receive both quality service and a remarkable product that lives up to your vision and surpasses your expectations. Allow us to help you Design-Build and Craft an unforgettable product and experience.

Our South Florida headquarters are housed in a 25,000 square-foot McKenzie-converted, 1938 warehouse located in Allapattah, the heart of Miami’s industrial center. Schedule your visit today.

2247 NW 17th Avenue, Miami, Florida, USA • (786)412-7341 •